Looking for Concrete Repair, Removal, Sawing or Drilling Equipment & Accessories? For 50 years, Equipment Development Co., Inc. has been the leader in Surface Preparation, Repair, Restoration and Professional Sawing Equipment. EDCO products are American Made and built Rental Tough. Concrete Floor Grinders are used to repair and restore damaged slabs, remove deteriorated coatings and/or prep surfaces for a new floor system. Turbo Grinders and Scarifiers/planers are more aggressive surface preparation and removal machines that complete the job applications mentioned above as well as repair trip hazards, remove lines & markings or texture your concrete surface. All of this equipment can be used with Concrete Vacuum Systems to control the concrete dust. EDCO's Demolition & Removal Equipment consists of Air-Powered Chisel Scalers that provide a rapid hammering action to remove numerous materials. Ship cleaning along with tile, shingles, mastic, thin-set and rubberized coating removal are all applications good for a chisel scaler. You can also chip away concrete, asphalt, grout, caulking, corrosion, scale ice and more. EDCO Air Compressors are available to accompany all model Chisel Scalers as well as for use with other air-powered tools. Electric Floor Strippers are good for removing vinyl and other soft good materials. Our air-powered Concrete Scabblers can remove up to a 1/4" of material per pass. These aggressive machines hammer piston-mounted bits into the concrete surface leaving a heavy-textured finish.

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