HTC Superfloor


HTC Superfloor™

Polished concrete flooring has existed in different forms and was performed with HTC equipment also before 1996. However, the technique was greatly refined during a project in 1996 where HTC got the opportunity to push the development of diamond tools and grinding methods forward. Suddenly there were completely new areas of use for concrete flooring in industrial and public premises. The result was a totally new flooring concept, HTC Superfloor™, which was introduced in our company newsletter HTC News during 1997. The technique for polished concrete flooring at this point mainly consisted of grinding the concrete floor with water, but a fast development of the diamond tools soon lead to the dry grinding methods utilized today. Presently, polished concrete flooring or more specifically HTC Superfloor™, is introduced to architects, concrete producers, construction companies and facility owners on a global market.

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