Midwest Rake

Midwest Rake Company LLC was founded in 1990 and is a family owned and operated longhandled tool manufacturer. We started with one rake and have now added and developed many different tools that serve a broad and diverse group of markets including but not limited to the following: Landscaping & Irrigation, Lawn & Garden/Nursery, Hardware & Hardscapes, Sports Turf & Surface Maintenance, Agriculture, Asphalt & Concrete Construction, Seal Coating & Waterproofing, Rental & Facility Maintenance, Government, Public Works & Utilities, Commercial/Industrial Contractor Supply, Decorative Concrete, High Performance Floor & Surface Coating, Terrazzo & High Build Surface Construction.

Early in 2006, Midwest Rake Company purchased Kenyon Tools, a manufacturer of quality tools serving the Landscape & Irrigation markets throughout North America. Kenyon branded tools are also valued within the lawn and garden, sports, agriculture and contractor supply markets. Midwest Rake Company has retained the Kenyon brand and strengthened the existing Kenyon portfolio of products.

In June of 2007, Midwest Rake Company purchased the Toolite® Shovel line from Fargo Toolite® Inc. This unique line of easy-dig mud and muck releasing and sifting shovels is very popular in many of the markets we serve.

On December 22, 2008, Midwest Rake Company acquired Northstar Tools, a manufacturer of quality tools who served the Landscape and Irrigation markets for many years. The Northstar brand and identity endure. The "Northstar" brand contains many special and popular tools worthy of your review.

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