Since 1963 Wagman Metal Products, Inc., has been a leading supplier of power trowel replacement blades and floating pans in the concrete industry. We want to thank our dealers and customers for their continued support.

We are truly a family business that started when company founders George F.Wagman, Sr., and his son George F. Wagman, Jr., began production and distribution of a variety of blades to fit many brands of power trowels. Today, Wagman Metal Products, Inc., manufactures over 250 different blades to fit the trowels of over 40 companies.

George F. Wagman, III, started working in the factory in 1980. He performed a variety of jobs in order to learn all the aspects of the manufacturing process, later switching to sales and new-product development. George III now leads Wagman Metal Products, Inc., as company president.

Wagman's experience and innovation have helped pioneer the development of heavy-duty blades to cope with the stresses of the new generation of heavy riding trowels.

More recently, the company moved production to a new 63,000-square-foot facility in York, Pennsylvannia, to better serve their customers.

As the Wagman product line has grown, so has its distribution: Today, Wagman Metal Products line is available from over 3,000 contractor supply distributors worldwide.

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